Strategic Directions Workshop

A tool for individuals to experience greater clarity, strength, and growth in their work

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Is the future of your work, career, or organisation looking highly uncertain, or, is it looking so certain that it weighs you down? Whatever past or present circumstances have created your outlook now, the Strategic Directions Workshop will provide you with a fresh view of your's or your work future. A view that connects you with the roots that got you there, is truly your own, and one that will guide you clearly and confidently in your next steps.

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A few scenarios of how the workshop helps:

You have a successful business or career, but you really are not enjoying it any more, it may even be keeping you from doing what you feel really drawn to. Or, you just know you are drawn to ‘something’ else.

Your business or your career seems to be coming to a stand-still, and no matter what you do you can’t get it kick-started.

Your business or your career is facing fierce competition from existing or new players, and you are worried whether or not you or your business will even survive.

The business or job you are in is being gradually but certainly wiped out by new technologies.

Managing people is becoming too much, there may be unresolved conflicts in your team that you are at your ‘wits end’ with.

There is no way to escape the ‘squeeze’ of customers wanting more for less and suppliers providing less for more. Profitability is suffering and cashflow is getting tighter and tighter.

This workshop will help you:

Find a way to get clarity on that ‘something’ and to get the strength to build a future in the areas that you choose.

Inject a new sense of purpose into what you do and the direction in which you want to head.

Create a resilience and determination in you to out-play and out-smart the competition.

Face what is ahead a lot more confidently and identify the real opportunities that await you.

Sharpen your focus on what action is needed, how to do it, and how to prevent such conflicts from emerging again.

With an affordable ‘escape’ from this bind, and to help you prevent it from becoming a repetitive pattern.

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Here's an idea of what you can expect:
  • A right brain experience to help cast new light on current business realities.
  • A fresh perspective on your competitive advantage.
  • A systemic approach to dealing with complex difficulties.
  • A group experience with full respect for confidentiality and privacy.
  • A solution-focussed tool for reviewing entrenched and present dilemmas.
  • A wise and reliable method for goal-setting in the midst of uncertainty.
Who it is suitable for:
  • Business owners
  • Senior executives
  • All business types in any industry
  • Not-for-profits and government bodies
  • Executives and professionals interested in studying the hidden dynamics behind individual and organisational achievement.
What the workshop involves:

This is an experiential tool. There is no obligation to be involved beyond actively observing, however, we do ask participants to at least be ready for something different to their normal ‘workshop’ experience. Using systemic principles and solution-focussed techniques, the facilitator works with people representing the client’s situation in a social-spatial setting. There is no role-playing, but people may be asked to represent elements of a client’s situation and to simply report to the group what they experience in that setting.

Throughout the workshop the facilitator will provide everyone with practical lessons in how strategic directions can be revealed, how they can be resourced, and how they can be integrated into an individual’s or an organisation’s working model.>

About the work:

Where Peter Drucker got us thinking about 'management by objectives' in the 50's and 60's and Michael Porter got us thinking about 'competitive advantage', 'value chains', and the 'Five Forces' in the 80's and 90's, this path beyond palms.jpg work takes us beyond the 'thinking' to reveal the underlying dynamics that shape our thinking and thereby provides a more direct way to influence the changes we seek.

With roots in family therapy and the application of phenomenology, the theory and practice of systemic constellation work emerged in Germany during the 1980’s. It has now spread to many parts of the world where practitioners are increasingly applying the work to business, organisational, and career development situations. For more background see:

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About the facilitator:

Dean Mason is the Principal of Enakt Consulting, and has over 25 years of executive experience working in corporate and small business environments across retail, wholesale, manufacturing, and creative sectors. Dean is also a practitioner of Chinese health arts with over 28 years training. He commenced training in systemic constellation work in 2008 with Dr Chris Walsh and Catherine Ingram and he continues to train with these and other leading international practitioners.