Lecture:Dean presented a lecture titled 'Book Publishing Review' to RMIT's Professional Writing and Editing program on 25 July 2012. Download the presentation from here

Blog on growth opportunities for book businesses: It's a New Chapter

Co-edited four C-2-C, Common Ground publications.

Available from the C-2-C Bookshop

Creator to Consumer in a Digital Age, 2001. (Bk 1)

Digital Book Production and Supply Chain Management, 2001. (Bk 2.3)

New Markets for Printed Books, 2002. (Bk 3.1)

Markets for Electronic Book Products, 2002. (Bk 3.2)

Authored eight C-2-C chapters:

Australian Book Production in Transition(With Cope, Bk 1, 2001)

Emerging Business Models(Bk 1, 2001)

Metadata for eCommerce in the Book Industry(With Tsembas, Bk 2.3, 2001)

Book Numbering in a Digital World(Bk 2.3, 2001)

Cataloguing for Libraries in a Digital World(Bk 2.3, 2001)

Jobbing Systems in a Digital Supply Chain(Bk 2.3, 2001)

Locating New Book Markets(Bk 3.1, 2002)

Shifting into the Information Economy(Bk 3.2, 2002)

Major contribution toNew Pathways for Multi-channel Publishing,Australian Booksellers Association, 2003, available from the ABA.

AuthoredPOD infrastructure: Implications for university stakeholders,a whitepaper for the Copyright Agency Ltd's DOi Project. Available for
download here.

Print-on-demand in Perspective - State Library of Victoria's Digital Forum.  Download MP3 file here  Download PowerPoint PDF here

Print-on-demand has been a talking-point ever since Xerox introduced the Docutech printer in 1990, but the idea of a 'book-at-a-click' is still a long way from becoming a reality. In this presentation Dean Mason, Principal of Enakt, discusses what print-on-demand means today and how it might help writers, researchers, publishers and readers get to tomorrow.