Family Constellation Workshops

Click here to request current schedule or more details. They are usually one-day workshops held on a Sunday.

Held in association with qualified professionals from the Victorian Association for Systemic Constellations Inc.

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How you will benefit

Family constellations offer fresh and deep insights into practical ways for individuals and families to achieve greater well-being and happiness.

In each workshop you will experience the supportive and often re-vitalising energy that a circle of people being ‘present’ creates. You may be invited to stand in a representative’s position for a client, and experience the energy created, for yourself. Each person is also welcome and invited to offer their own issue or question for the facilitator and group to work through.

Whichever way you participate, you will see hidden dynamics at work in family systems and you will be able to reflect on how the same dynamics are at work in your own family system today.

These experiences can lead to profound shifts in participants’ stories and the discovery of new healing and strength. While conventional forms of one-on-one counseling do not always open the level of new awareness that this group experience can, they are often very helpful - before and after - in supporting the changes in outlook and lifestyle that might follow.

At all times, privacy and confidentiality are well protected.

About the Work

With roots in family therapy and the application of phenomenology, the theory and practice of systemic constellation work emerged in Germany during the 1980’s. It has now spread throughout the world to be recognised as a legitimate and powerful tool for resolving personal and family difficulties related to trauma, loss, migration, divorce, adoption, abuse, and many other common forms of human difficulty.

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Click here to request current schedule or more details.