Business Leadership

Enakt Business Leadership, a program fit for your business growth

Making lasting improvements to your leadership practice could be the one ingredient that propels your business to unprecedented success. We would love to share with you a body of research that clearly demonstrates how successful business leadership can be measured, and what exactly it is that the most effective business leaders do.

Enakt Business Leadership offers a unique approach for any type of business or organisation. Hearing the insights gained from this research into what competencies and behaviours are practiced by many highly effective leaders around the world will be of interest to any one serious about lifting their own business performance.

Leadership is both personal and collective, the way we conduct ourselves always impacts on the well-being of others; in our own, our clients’ and also in our suppliers’ organisations. Refining your and your team’s leadership practice so it better serves the business growth you are aiming for is what we want to help you do.

If specific tools interest you, we use The Leadership Circle’s comprehensive research-based framework for the initial assessment of current leadership effectiveness, see more details at: Combined with our extensive experience in business, in leadership, and in achieving outstanding success, we have a special mix of talent and tools to deliver our clients exceptional results.

Enakt Business Leadership is about connecting personal & team fulfilment with successful business performance. Systems and processes or talk about culture, like dance steps and movements, only support the success of the group if they reliably nurture the relevant (and initially, hidden) wisdom in clean and efficient ways with everyone involved. That's what the Enakt Business Leadership program is designed to help leaders do, with lasting success.

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